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Giving evidence in court as a witness can be a stressful and worrying time. The Witness Service provides free, confidential and independent support, information and practical help to witnesses attending trials and hearings in England and Wales, to support them to give their best evidence.

Funded by a grant from the Ministry of Justice, our 300 staff and 2,000 volunteers supported more than 79,000 witnesses in 2022/23. 97% of witnesses who provided feedback said they were 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with the service they received .

What Does the Citizens Advice Witness Service Do?

The core service is available for all witnesses and provides:

● Support at initial hearings

● Pre-trial visits (either face-to-face or by phone).*

● Support on the day/s of trial and at sentencing

● Referrals on to other agencies for further support (if needed)

● Support as above for appeals and retrials

The Citizens Advice Witness Service also offer an enhanced outreach service for vulnerable and intimidated witnesses, away from the court environment.

How To Get Support

Witnesses can get support us on the day of trial, with no need for earlier contact. However, the Citizens Advice Witness Service can provide more comprehensive support if they’re referred in advance. Referrals can be made by justice system partners, Witness Care Units, external agencies, and witnesses themselves.

To refer a witness to the Citizens Advice Witness Service, you can use the online referral form, call the Witness Service Referral Hub on 0300 332 1000 or email They will reply within 2 working days, usually by phone

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